Affiliate Media Network is the ideal partner for quality Publishers. We sell your leads one leg at a time, allowing you to monetize every lead in your network and ours. Our system also allows you to generate consistent and high quality lead flow for your clients. Fill out an application today to learn more.

  • Fully automated lead flow management system.
    • Consistent quality and conversions
    • Real-time accept and reject through to Advertiser
  • Our sources are the best in the industry Publishers.
    • We partner with the industries top lead sources
  • Rigorous partner screening program.
    • Every supplier is ranked based on conversions and CPCL
    • Lead flow is managed based on ranking
  • Empowering you to sell your leads 4 times.
    • We sell leads one leg at a time
    • Complete visibility to the buyer
  • Network of more then 500 buyers.
  • Participate in multiple verticals.
    • Insurance
    • Home Improvement/Solar
    • Consumer Finance
    • Education

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