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Intelligent Lead Flow (ILF)

The process begins with Publishers sending Leads to our Intelligent Lead Flow (ILF) system. Publishers can post Leads to our system using a variety of techniques, with http-post being the most popular. Leads enter the system and are immediately processed against any open orders. Leads are matched against open orders using rules based on any of the Lead attributes. Once the Lead is matched against an order, the Lead is routed to the downstream Advertiser.

All Leads received and sold are tracked by the Intelligent Lead Flow system for later billing and accounting. The system will track Lead returns (if you accept returns) and will track accounts receivable against past invoices. Client statements can be easily generated in PDF and emailed to your Advertisers for payment. When payment is received, you can easily update your records.

Intelligent Lead Flow allows for new Lead Types to be defined, and each Lead Type can have a custom set of Lead Attributes. This provides the flexibility you need to deal in any type of Leads your business demands.

Our Intelligent Lead Flow system provides you with a Dashboard view containing up-to-date information regarding Lead Flow between your Publishers and Advertisers. From the Dashboard, you can drill into details related to the Lead Flow, search for Orders and Leads, and manage and monitor your business.