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Affiliate Media Network is a leader in online lead generation, offering a secure centralized location for buyers and sellers of leads to increase business by engaging in a process known as �legging.�� Legging provides buyers and sellers with the opportunity to buy and sell inventory that has not been monetized its maximum number of times.� The Affiliate Media Network exchange allows the actual lead originators and lead buyers to decide what price they are willing to buy and sell their �legs� at and the way in which the lead delivery will take place. For sellers, it�s a great way to monetize a lead that has not been sold the maximum number of times.� For buyers, it provides access to a variety of lead types from our sourced and prescreened suppliers without having to manage a large pool of lead generators to meet the needs of your business and keep your lead flow at a steady rate.

Affiliate Media Network has thousands of leads moving through our network every day.� If you�re a lead buyer, Affiliate Media Network's advanced proprietary system places you in a position to receive high quality leads "real-time" in the format you want, with any filters you need. �You also have the opportunity to easily self-select and download as many leads as desired from our huge lead database. Lead sellers can access Affiliate Media Network's exclusive, easy-to-use technology to sell leads that will be instantly matched with the highest bid buyer.

Affiliate Media Network has implemented a rigorous screening process to ensure the integrity of our buyers and sellers, creating a unique environment of trust and quality that is not currently available in the Internet lead generation market.