Intelligent Lead Flow
Affiliate Media Network is bringing intelligence to lead flow. Intelligent Lead Flow (ILF) provides Advertisers with consistent quality and conversions.
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Effective Partnership
Affiliate Media Network is the ideal partner for quality publishers. We sell your leads one leg at a time, allowing you to monetize every lead...
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How It Works
Lead Distribution System
We have developed a lead distribution system which provides a secure, systematic approach to lead distribution and lead flow...
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>>The pulse of the market

Affiliate Media Network has proven once again that when it comes to the Internet they hold their fingers on the pulse of the market. Affiliate Media Network, a leader in online lead generation with thousands of leads moving through its online lead exchange, has opened a Centralized Online Exclusive Lead Exchange where Lead buyers and Lead sellers meet.

Affiliate Media Network's advanced proprietary system places lead buyers in the position to receive leads "real-time" in the format they want, and with any filters they need. It also can provide lead buyers the opportunity to simply self-select and download as many leads as they desire from the huge lead database. Lead Sellers have use of Affiliate Media Network's exclusive, easy to use technology, to sell leads that will be instantly matched with the highest bid buyer.


>>Lead Industry Awards


Certified LeadiD Seal